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Cat Burglars captured and tied up together.
8 photos 21 minutes, 28 seconds of video
Added 06/23/2013
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Ashley Renee and JJ Plush are rival Cat Burglars. Somehow today, they both picked the same house to rip off. At first JJ gets the upper hand and she ties Ashley up. To hut her up, JJ cuts Ashley’s panties off so she can stuff them in her mouth to gag her. Then as JJ starts to look around, the home owner arrives and finds Ashley bound and gagged in his living room. He then finds JJ and ties her up right next to Ashley. He gags JJ and re-gags Ashley by stuffing and taping panties in their mouths. He then hogties both girls on the floor with their big boobs out.

Featuring: JJ Plush , Multiple Girls

Cat Burglar tied face down and spread on the bed.
33 photos 17 minutes, 26 seconds of video
Added 05/19/2013
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He came into his room to catch Ashley trying to rip him off. So he grabbed her and called the front desk to report the crime. Then he had a change of heart and decided to handle this without involving the authorities. The video begins with the man calling the front desk to tell them to cancel his request for them to call the authorities. He is holding Ashley with his hand over her mouth and her hands tied. When he hangs up, he stuffs and ties a gag in Ashley's mouth to shut her up. He then uses more rope to tie her up completely. After leaving her to struggle for a short while, the man returns and unties Ashley. Then after pulling her skirt off and her bra down, he re-gags her by re-stuffing her mouth and wrapping tape around her face and mouth. He then puts Ashley face down on the bed and ties her spread eagle. Ashley struggles hard to get away. But she is tied down tight and not going anywhere. Soon Ashley is going to find out what happens to girls who try to rip this guy off when he gets behind her and pulls her panties down.

Categories: black panties, garters, stockings

Tied up tight with a mouth stuffing gag! Now hurry up and get my panties down!
31 photos 16 minutes, 15 seconds of video
Added 11/26/2012
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

Ashley comes home not knowing there is a man on her house. As she goes into her bedroom, he grabs her and carries her back into the living. Ashley fights and protests as the man starts to tie her up with rope. Worried someone will hear her, he stuffs a very big pair of panties in her mouth and then ties a rag tightly over her mouth to gag her. As the man adds more to finish tying her up, Ashley realizes that she tied painfully tight and well gagged. Soon she is completely helpless as she cannot move and can hardly make a sound. When the man starts to fondle her boobs and reach inside her pants to touch her, her squeals through gag start to turn into moans of pleasure. You begin to wonder if she is in distress at all. Then the man decides that she is not gagged well enough. So he re-stuffs her mouth and ties the rag between her teeth. This time he pulls it very tight, causing Ashley to nearly choke as the panties are forced deeper in her mouth. It turns out that this is exactly what Ashley wanted when she asked her boyfriend to sneak into her house, tie her up, gag her and keep her as his captive whore all night long. As she continues to be manhandled, now with her big tits out of her bra, Ashely gets more and more excited. So when he pulled her panties down and lifted her legs in the air, she was very turned on and ready to get exactly what she wanted.

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