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You're going to come home to find me hogtied and gagged with my panties pulled down!
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Added 11/02/2017
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Ashley is very turned on and cannot wait until her boyfriend comes home. For the occasion, she is dressed in a sexy all in one girdle with high heels and stockings. But as she talks to him on the phone, he tells her that he will not be home for hours. Hoping to scare him into coming home sooner, Ashley tells him that she hears a noise and thinks someone is in the house. Knowing she tries that trick often, the boyfriend does not believe her and they hang up. Suddenly, a man appears from behind Ashley. The next she knows; this man has her all tied up on her bed. Knowing Ashley will soon start to scream, the man stuffs, packs and wraps her mouth full of panties to gag her. He then leaves her struggling bound and gagged on the bed. Later he is ready to make his getaway and returns to his captive. Seeing her the way she is, tied up and gagged in the sexy outfit, the man decides to take advantage. He rolls her on her stomach, climbs on top of her and starts to pull her panties down. Ashley's eyes get big and wide as she feels what is going on. Sometime later, Ashley's boyfriend comes home to find her now hogtied, still gagged, her panties down and her tits bouncing about as she struggles. It doesn't take him long to figure out what happened to his girlfriend.

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Out of town-My boyfriend doesn't have to know I let you tie me up and pull my panties down!
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Added 10/23/2017
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His best friend is out of town and he has agreed to keep an eye on his very naughty girl friend Ashley. But if he thought this was going to be easy, he was wrong. Because Ashley loved to get into all kinds of mischief. As he talks on the phone with his girl friend, Ashley walks in the room and starts to climb all over him. He is forced to hang up to get her away from him. Somehow, he and Ashley agree to play a little game where he ties her up. Ashley likes the idea and soon her has her all tied up. But when he tries to make a call to her boyfriend she starts to yell out to him in a teasing way just what is going on. "He has me all tied up and I want him to fuck me!" she hollers. So the man again hangs up. He stuffs a sock in Ashley's mouth and tapes it in to gag her. But this only get her more turned on. He knows the only way he is going to get her to behave is to pull her panties down and give her what she wants. This seems to solve the problem. At least for now.

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