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Danni Lyons roped painfully tight.
11 minutes, 24 seconds of video
Added 10/15/2015
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When Danni woke up, she immediately noticed the pain. And, when she couldn't move, it didn't take her long to realize the creep she allowed to come in her room had tied her up and gagged her. Any little movement she made, caused the rope to cut deeper into her skin. Her legs were tied spread open giving him a view right up her skirt of her black lace panties. But Danni's arms were pulled back in a hogtie and if she tried to close her legs, the pain became more intense. When he put Danni on her knees and bent her over the sofa she knew her panties were coming down. Lucky for Danni though, something came up and he had to leave her. But before he left, he removed the cleave gag. However, before Danni could say anything, her mouth was re stuffed with panties. White tape was then wrapped tightly around her face to re-gag her it. It was also wrapped over her eyes to blindfold her. Now all Danni could do was lie there in total darkness and wait for the man to return. She couldn't move without bringing on more pain from the rope. She also couldn't cry out without causing the panties stuffed deep in her mouth to choke her.

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Receptionist tied tight and gagged in the waiting room.
23 photos 11 minutes, 56 seconds of video
Added 10/06/2015
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Danni was getting ready to leave and lock up the clinic for the night when a man came in and grabbed her. The video begins with Danni tied up on the sofa in the waiting room. The man walks back in and stuffs her mouth with a pair of red panties. He then ties a dish rag very tightly between her teeth to gag her. Still not satisfied he has the receptionist tied tight enough, he brings out more rope to tie her elbows and pin her arms to her upper body. Danni wants to beg him to stop. She tries to tell him the ropes are too tight. But the gag is equally as tight and every time she opens her mouth, the panties are pushed into her throat, making her gag. Danni is then left to struggle on the sofa. Although it is very painful to move, she works her way onto the floor. But that is as far as she is going to get. Finally, the man returns and sits her up. Although he has come to rob the place, he can't resist having a little fun with the bound and gagged receptionist. He opens her blouse and reaches into her bra to fondle her tits. "Why not, I have a little extra time!" he tells himself as he bends Danni over the sofa and pulls her panties down.

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