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I'll do anything! Tie me up! Gag me and Humiliate me!
20 photos 15 minutes, 22 seconds of video
Added 09/23/2014
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Danni has been cheating on her husband and somehow her brother in law has found out. Danni will do anything if he promises not to tell his brother. She even starts taking her clothes off to offer him sex. But he has a another idea. He brings out rope and starts tying his cheating sister in law up. Once he has her trussed up tight, he decides that he has heard enough of her complaining and he stuffs a pair of panties in her mouth. He then ties a rag very tightly between her teeth to gag her. Although Danni is now tightly bound and gagged, her brother in law wants her to really be humiliated. So he ties a piece of rope very tightly between her legs. He pulls it so tight, the rope pushes her pantyhose and panties up her pussy. Then after pulling Danni's blouse open, he leaves her to struggle on the floor for a while. Finally to add to her punishment, he comes back and ties Danni in a very brutally tight hogtie. As she lays on the floor tied up painfully tight, with a pair of panties packed and tied in her mouth. Not to mention a rope tied up her pussy and her elbows tied together. Danni thinks to herself, "If only he knew just how turned on I am". She then imagines him pulling her panties down and cutting the crotch rope off so he could give it to her hard. "I should let him catch me cheating more often" She thinks to herself.

Doctor tied up by her psychotic patient.
13 minutes, 7 seconds of video
Added 04/21/2014
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

Doctor Danni has a patient who has stopped taking his medication. Now he has gone off the deep end and has his doctor all tied up with rope. When she threatens to have him committed, he decides it is time to shut her up. He roughly stuffs her mouth with panties. Then he grabs a roll of tape from her supply cabinet and wraps it tightly around her face and between her teeth. Danni tries to reason with the patient, but with her mouth gagged, there is no way anyone could understand what she has to say. Danni's only option is to struggle to get loose. She works her way onto the floor and starts to roll around, looking for a loose knot. But about the only thing Danni can manage to do, is make her skirt rise to show she is not wearing any panties under her pantyhose. Unfortunately fo her, her patient notices this and now she is in trouble. He lifts her back onto the couch and bends her over the edge. He gets in front of her her and cuts the tape off her mouth.