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Her husband was sleeping while his big busted wife was downstairs getting tied up and gagged.
34 photos 14 minutes, 5 seconds of video
Added 09/01/2013
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"My husband is upstairs taking a nap!" Goldie told the man as he made her sit down. But this didn't stop the man as he brought out some rope and started tying her up. Then when Goldie started calling out for her husband, the man stuffed a pair of her panties in her mouth and then taped her mouth shut to gag her. With Goldie now muffled, the man finished tying her up. As Goldie sat there struggling to get loose, she squealed loud through the gag hoping to wake up her husband. But with her mouth packed full and wrapped tight, there was no way she could be heard. Once she was left alone, Goldie was able to get off of the chair and roll on the floor as she tried to find a loose knot. But when the man returned, Goldie was still tied tight and very helpless. About ready to make his escape, the man decided to add to her misery. First he pulled her huge boobs out of her blouse and bra and then finally before he left her, he pulled her panties down. Sometime later, when Goldie's husband wakes up, he is going to be in for a big surprise when he finds his wife still struggling struggling bound, gagged and exposed with her big tits bouncing about on the floor.

Big Busted neighbor tied up to keep her away from his son.
21 photos 16 minutes, 20 seconds of video
Added 08/14/2013
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Big busted Goldie Blair calls her college aged boyfriend to come over and play with her. But instead, his dad comes over and he is not so happy his son is fooling around with an older woman. When Goldie refuses to stay away, the man grabs her and ties her up with rope. When her complaints get too loud, he stuffs her mouth and then ties a rag between her teeth to gag the busty cougar from next door.Finally before he leaves her, the man hogties Goldie with her great big tits out and he also ties a tight crotch ropes between her legs.

Goldie's son is going to college. Even if Mom has to let the teacher tie her up with her big tits ou
22 photos 16 minutes, 10 seconds of video
Added 07/07/2013
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Goldie's son needs straight A's to get into a fine University. But he is only getting a B in Drama. So Goldie dresses herself up for the occasion and goes to pay the teacher a visit, Hopefully to talk him into raising her son's grade. When she gets there, Goldie tells the teacher that she will do what ever it takes to raise the grade. When she sticks her large boobs forward and lifts her skirt, the man knows exactly what she is offering and comes up with an idea. He tells Goldie that he is working on a drama play and tells her that if she helps him practice a scene, he will give her son the extra credit he will need to get his grade up. Goldie immediately agrees to help. But then when the man brings out rope and starts to tie her up, Goldie starts to question what he is doing. He explains to her that in his play, the woman she is playing gets captured and tied up by a villain. Although Goldie was hoping that she could get the grade up by letting the teacher pull her panties down and having his way, this idea added a little bit of excitement to the idea and she continued to let him tie her up. But the rope was tied very tight and Goldie started to complain. This went on until the man stuffed and taped a huge pair of panties in her mouth to gag her. Although Goldie had never been tied up like this, it was was starting to get her very turned on. Seeing this, the teaching decided to add an extra scene or two to this rehearsal. First he bent Goldie over and pulled her skirt off. Then he put her on her knees and crotch roped her. Finally he pulled her great big boobs out of her bra and put her on the floor where he hogtied her. Goldie moaned through the gag as she rolled around bouncing her big tits on the floor. She was so turned on and could hardly wait for the teacher to come back and pull her panties down for the final act of this performance. She didn't have to wait long.

OMG Look how he left me! Tied and gagged with my big tits out and my panties pulled down!
37 photos 15 minutes, 17 seconds of video
Added 06/19/2013
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The video begins with Goldie sitting on the couch tied up with rope. She starts to explains how she got herself in this situation. She says that a man claiming to be from a utility company knocked at her door. After she let him in, she found out he was lying. So now he has her all trussed up to keep her out of the way while he robs her. Then when he comes back, Goldie wants to know why he has a pair of her panties. She soon finds out when he wads them up and stuffs them in her mouth. When he ties a rag between her teeth, Goldie finds herself now gagged. Since she is tied helpless, there is nothing she can do when he pulls up her dress and wraps her in more rope. Finally before he makes his escape, the man pulls her bra down. He then hogties her and pulls her panties down too. Goldie struggles hard to get loose. But as she lays there, she cannot help but think how embarrassing it is going to be when she is found like this. Bound and gagged with her big tits out and her pussy exposed.

Hello! This is Goldie and I am a bit tied up right now! At the tone! Please leave a message!
2 photos 15 minutes, 15 seconds of video
Added 02/20/2013
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He pushes Goldie down onto her sofa and threatens to tie her up if she doesn't sit still. "Well I am not going to sit still! So you might as well tie me up!" she tells him. Then just before he starts tying, she asks him to let her change her voice mail message so she can tell anyone who calls that she is a "Bit tied up right now!" and to leave a message so she can call them back when she gets loose. Goldie then sits there and lets the man tie her up. "The tighter the better!" she tells him. As the man leaves her struggling on the couch, Goldie in her thick English accent, starts talking to herself, saying just how turned on she is. Then after a while, Goldie starts getting bored and starts yelling for the man to come back and gag her so she can scream and not have to worry that her neighbors will hear. A short time later, the man returns and stuffs Goldie's wide open mouth with a pair of her panties. Goldie moans loud as the man then ties a rag between her teeth to finish gagging her. She then starts squirming around as her moans get louder. Goldie is so turned on now that she can hardly control herself. She shakes her chest hoping she can get her great big boobs to burst out of her blouse in hopes to get her captor more interested in playing with her. Finally the man comes back to her and Goldie couldn't be any happier as he pulls her big tits out of her blouse and bra. he then pulls her skirt off and hogties her on the floor. But things dont turn out exactly the way Goldie had hoped as the man pulls her panties down and then leaves her struggling bound and gagged without doing anything to her.

Help me! I am tied up and gagged!
31 photos 15 minutes, 2 seconds of video
Added 02/17/2013
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With her visiting Aunt upstairs Goldie is waiting for her boyfriend to come over. But the knock at the door is not him. The video begins with a man tying Goldie up with rope. All of a sudden, they both hear Goldie's aunt talking up stairs. She tells Goldie that she will leaving soon. So she cannot cry out for help, the man covers Goldie's mouth with his hand. She squeals for her aunt to come down to help her. But when the aunt hears Goldie, she thinks her moans are her and her boyfriend playing naughty things. "Take that to the bedroom" the aunt tells her from upstairs and walks away. To make sure he doesn't have to worry about the aunt hearing anything more, the man gags Goldie by stuffing her mouth and tying a rag between her teeth. He then goes on tying her up until he has her completely helpless. After leaving Goldie to struggle on the floor bound and gagged for a short while, the man returns. Before he makes his escape, he wants to make her just a little more helpless. But first he humiliates her by pulling her skirt up to show she is not wearing any panties under her sheer pantyhose. Then he pulls her bra down to expose her boobs. Finally he hogties Goldie and lays her down on the floor. A short time later, Goldie's aunt again calls out for her. Again she hears Goldie moaning very loud. Believing she is down stair being screwed by her boyfriend, the aunt is surprised with the energy her young niece and her boyfriend seem to have. Frustrated that she cannot tell her aunt what is really going on, all Goldie can do is bounce her great big tits around as she struggles to get loose.

Gagging me with my panties wasn't part of the deal!
26 photos 13 minutes, 16 seconds of video
Added 12/17/2012
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Goldie used to work for him as an escort. But she quit owing him alot of money. He told her that if she didn't pay, he would tell her future husband that the woman he was marrying wasn't the type of girl he thought she was. Goldie wanting to turn her life around, didn't want this to happen. But she didn't have the money to pay the man. So she told him to take something that belonged to her rich boyfriend. But she wanted to make it looked like she was robbed and tied up. Before the man started to tie her up, he forced Goldie to take off her top and skirt. With Goldie now wearing only her panties and a pair of stockings, the man started tying her hands behind her back. But then Goldie started getting too loud as she complained that the rope was too tight. So the man pulled off the panties she was wearing and wadded them up. Then after tying Goldie's legs and ankles, he stuffed the panties in her mouth and wrapped tape around her face to gag her. Goldie was furious as the man finished tying her up. "Gagging me with my panties wasn't part of the deal" she tried mumbling through the gagged. After a short while, Goldie found herself bound, gagged and naked. She struggled hard trying to get get the tape covering her mouth loose, so she could spit out the panties. But after the man took what he wanted and left her alone, Goldie knew she was going to stay tied up and gagged like this until her boyfriend came home. She realized that it was going to be very embarrassing to be found this way. But at least he wasn't going to find out anything about her previous occupation.

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