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Busty trophy wife tied up and gagged with her Latina housekeeper.
50 photos 16 minutes, 15 seconds of video
Added 01/23/2015
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Carissa has come home to find a strange man in her house and her Spanish speaking housekeeper Sahrye all tied up. The video begins with Carissa now tied up right next to Sahrye. She reprimands her housekeeper for letting the man in, but Sahrye does not speak a word of English. Not realizing there is a language barrier with the girls he does not want them communicating some sort of plan to escape. So first, he grabs Sahrye and stuffs her mouth with a big sock. Then after taping her up to gag her, he goes over to Carissa and gags her the same way. Now the girls start to panic and they frantically struggle to free each other. Then Sahrye notices a cell phone on the kitchen counter. She tries to get Carissa to notice too and she works her way over to it on her knees. Carissa watches Sahrye work her way over to the phone. But as she tries to bring it to mouth, the phone falls to the floor. So Sahrye goes down to the floor with it. After she retrieves it, she tries to make a call for help. But all of a sudden, the man returns and catches her. He takes the phone away from her and brings out some more rope. So she and Carissa cannot cause him anymore problems, he ties them both more securely. He then lays them face down on the floor to hogtie them. As he looks over the girls, he cannot help but notice that Carissa's great big boobs are just begging to be let out of her bra. So before he leaves them again, her top down. The girls are then left rolling around on the floor whimpering through their gags as they try to get free. But it will be hours before Carissa's husband comes home to find his wife struggling with her big tits out, bound and gagged right next to the housekeeper.

Featuring: Multiple Girls , Sahrye KC
Categories: pantyhose

Big busted flight attendant left hogtied and gagged in her garters and panties.
49 photos 15 minutes, 17 seconds of video
Added 12/20/2014
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Carissa Montgomery was a flight attendant getting ready to go catch her flight when in walk this lady named Sahrye. The lady over powered Carissa and made her strip down to her bra, panties, garters and nylons so she could tie her up. Once Sahrye had Carissa restrained, she stuffed her mouth and tied a rag between her teeth to gag the busty flight attendant. Then with Carissa looking on, Sahrye stripped to her bra and pantyhose, and dressed in Carissa's uniform. Sahrye told Carissa that she was an agent from a foreign country sent to deal with someone on the flight she was assigned. Carissa tried to plead with Sahrye to let her go. Instead Sahrye pulled her bra down and tied her into a strict hogtie. She then left Carissa struggling bound and gagged with her big tits out as she went off to catch Carissa's flight.

Categories: garters, stockings

Busty Blond Fugitve-Kept bound and gagged where no one will find her.
27 photos 15 minutes, 5 seconds of video
Added 10/13/2014
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Carissa is on the run from the law and needs a place to hide for the night. She knows a guy who is willing to put her up in a hotel room. But when she gets there, she finds out he expects something in return. Something Carissa isn't willing to give him. He grabs her and tells her that she has no choice. But as he is about to lift her skirt so he can pull her pantyhose down, his cell phone rings, He quickly covers Carissa's mouth with his hand and answers the phone. With Carissa squealing hand gagged, the man talks to the other person and finds out his services are needed elsewhere. He has no choice but to leave and wants to make sure Carissa is there when he returns. So he quickly ties her up with rope. Then so she cannot scream for help, he stuffs her mouth and ties a rag between her teeth to gag her. After he adds more rope, the man realizes that although she is tightly gagged, Carissa is still able to make way too much noise. So he ties another rag tightly over her gagged mouth and this seems to muffle her a bit more. Finally before he leaves her, the man cannot resist getting a better look at Carissa. So he lifts her blouse and pulls her bra down. He then hogties her and leaves to go handle the situation he was called away for. Alone now, Carissa struggles hard to get loose. But she know it is no use and sometime later the man will return to find her the way he left her. Hogtied and gagged with her big tits bouncing on the carpet.

An older woman to show him the ropes.
20 photos 14 minutes, 15 seconds of video
Added 06/05/2014
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It was his first year in college, so he was new in town. But lucky for him, his mother had a friend named Carissa who came to check in on him. She offered to take him to dinner and show him around. So as she waited for him to dress, she decided to use his computer to check her email. This is when she found a bondage video on his computer. Being into bondage herself, Carissa started to flirt with him even though he was somewhat younger than her. "How would you like to tie up an older woman" she asked him. She assured him that she would never say anything to his mother about it. So short time later, Carissa found herself tied up with rope. As she sat there talking to him, she told him just how excited being tied up got her. But she also told him that is would be much more fun if she was completely helpless and in order for that to happen, she was going to have to be gagged. The next thing Carissa knows, she has a pair of panties stuffed and tied in her mouth to gag her and now she is very turned on. She squirms her way off of the chair and works her way over to the sofa. Trying to get the young man a little more involved, she bends over the couch and pulls her skirt up to give him a view of her panties under her pantyhose. When she isn't satisfied that he is as excited as she is, she gets on the floor and tries to get her blouse open to give him a better view of her great big boobs. This seems to work, because a short time later, he has her bra down and soon her pantyhose and hopefully after that, her panties too.

Carissa stalked and tied up by a lunatic fan.
38 photos 16 minutes, 21 seconds of video
Added 04/05/2014
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Carissa is a big time star and today she is out of town signing autographs. But when she goes up to her room she finds a strange woman named Dixie waiting for her. "Who are you and how did you get in my room?" Carissa demands to know. Dixie tells her that she is her biggest fan and that she has been following her all around the country. When Carissa goes to the phone so she can call hotel security, Dixie grabs her and tells her that she wants her to act out her favorite scene from a movie where Carissa played the captive heroine. Dixie starts tying her up with rope just like she loved seeing her in the movie. Except in this scene there is not going to be any cheap loose Hollywood bondage, Dixie is going to tie her the it should always be done. Very tight. Then to shut her up, she gags her the right way too. Not with a cheap strip of unsticky tape. Intead she stuffs a big pair of panties in Carissa's mouth and then wraps tape around her face very tight. Now bound and gagged, Carissa struggles hard to get loose. Then much to her horror Dixie brings out her cell phone and tells Carissa that she wants to take a picture or two with her so she can always remember this moment. After she gets a couple of photos, she shows them to Carissa and tells her not to worry, she will load them on the internet so she can see them too. But her ordeal is far from over as Dixie torments her. "OMG, I have always wanted to see and touch these big tits of hers!" Dixie says to herself as she puts Carissa on her knees and pulls her top and bra down. Then after squeezing and fondling Carissa's great big boobs, she has a special prize for her Idol. She brings out another piece of rope and ties her in a very strict hogtie that includes a crotch rope. Dixie lays Carissa on the floor and tells her that she needs to get going. She tells her it was real pleasure and that she is honored that Carissa let her tie her up. Moments later, Carissa finds herself alone struggling on the floor hogtied and gagged with her big tits out.

Featuring: Dixie Comet

Stripped and tied up in my underwear! All I could do is watch as she put on my clothes!
34 photos 17 minutes, 20 seconds of video
Added 12/20/2013
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Carissa is talkiing to someone on the phone, making arrangements to pick up a valuable item. Little does she know, but Dixie has snuck up on her and is listening to the conversation. When she hears Carissa describe to the caller what she will be wearing when she makes the pick up, Dixie comes up with a plan. As soon as Carissa hangs up, Dixie grabs her. She makes her take off her dress and ties her up in her underwear. To keep Carissa quiet, Dixie stuffs and tapes a large pair of panties in her mouth to gag her. Then with Carissa all tied up and and gagged, Dixie undresses and then puts on Carissa's dress so she can take her place at the delivery to get the valuable item. Knowing what Dixie is up to, Carissa tries desperately to get loose. Once Dixie is dressed and ready to go, she comes back to Carissa to make double sure she is well secured. First she pulls her great big boobs out of her bra and then she hogties her with the added humility of tying a crotch rope between her legs. Dixie then leaves Carissa hogtied and gagged with her big tits out as she goes off pull off this heist.

Featuring: Dixie Comet

Gag the baby sitter with mom's panties!
10 minutes, 18 seconds of video
Added 11/28/2013
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Carissa may have been up late last night, but she still needed money to help pay for college. So today during one of her baby sitting jobs, she found time to take a short nap. But the boys she was watching over wanted to play a game. So they waited until their baby sitter fell asleep. Sometime later, Carissa wakes up to discover someone has tied her up with rope. It doesn't take her long to figure out who the culprits were. "Untie me right Now!" she demanded. Of course with the busty blond college girl being tied up so tight and helpless, they had nothing to fear from her threats. But with the baby sitter making so much noise, someone might hear her. So when Carissa saw them come into the living room with a pair of their mother's panties and a roll of tape, she knew what was coming next. Moments later, she found herself mouth packed and tape with panties. She was furious now as she struggled bound and gagged. She struggled so hard that she hardly noticed she was giving them a show as her skirt rose up her hips to show her panties. Then her top came undone to expose her red lace bra holding in her great big boobs.

She stole my uniform and left me tied up!
30 photos 17 minutes, 21 seconds of video
Added 02/28/2013
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  Avg Rating: 5.0

Dixie was being pursued by the authorities and needed to get away very quickly. She knew they would be looking for her at train stations, bus depots and airports trying to buy a ticket out of town. So she decided the best way to get away was to sneak onto an airline flight posing as an airline flight attendant. The video begins with Airline Stewardess Carissa Montgomery getting ready to leave and catch her assigned flight. But all of a sudden Dixie shows up and grabs her. Dixie makes Carissa take off her uniform and get on the floor. She quickly ties Carissa up in her underwear. Then to shut Carissa up, Dixie stuffs and tapes her mouth shut to gag her. Carissa is then left alone to roll around on the floor bound and gagged. She watches helplessly as Dixie puts on her uniform and steals her boarding badge. When Dixie is ready to leave, she comes back to Carissa to make sure she is still well muffled and restrained. Then finally before making her get away, Dixie hogties Carissa and pulls her big tits out of her bra. It will be hours before someone will find Carissa still struggling tied up and gagged with her big boobs bouncing on the hotel room carpet.

Featuring: Dixie Comet